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Testing Links

American Society for Quality

Automated Testing Specialists, Inc.

Bazman's Testing Pages

Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist

CHISSA Reference Information for Software Quality

Compendium Developments

Defect and Defect Detection Bibliography

Formal Methods and Testing Network (FORTEST)

IE Testing Consultancy

ISEB Software Testing

McCabe & Associates

Methods & Tools newsletter

Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool

NIST - High Integrity Software Systems Assurance

RelQ Software Quality Management

Sample System Test Plan

SIGIST Home Page

Simply Testing's automated testing solutions

Software Engineering Process Technology's Software Test Standards and information on ISO/IEC 12207

Software Testing Online Resources (STORM)

Software Testing Stuff


Systems Modelling Ltd

Testing Maturity Model Presentation

The Software Quality Page

University of York, TestSIG Home Page

X-Treme Testing

Thinksoft - Business Requirements Assurance


Usability and accessibility standards and guidelines:

Ergoweb - Ergonomics Standards and Guidelines - ISO 9241

IBM-Ease of Use - ISO 9241

ESSI-SCOPE Quality Characteristics and their application - ISO 9126

Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines

RNIB Hints for designing accessible websites

Usability: Web accessibility

Disability Discrimination Act

See It Right Accessible Website Scheme

Vision and Dyslexia

Lighthouse International - Effective Color Contrast - Designing for People with Partial Sight

Website that Simulates Colourblind Vision - contains tools

US Bureau of Census


Bobby tool -

Effective Color Contrast  - Designing for People with Partial Sight and Color Deficiencies - by Aries Arditi, Ph.D, Lighthouse -

“Making Text Legible - Designing for People with Partial Sight” by Aries Arditi, Ph.D, Lighthouse



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