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Other Test Standards

Standards for integration, system and acceptance testing

The working party has not looked at these test phases yet, but the many of the techniques and measures outlined in BS 7925-2 are also appropriate in these phases.

Links to Other Sites on Testing Standards

SEPT (Software Engineering Process Technology)


Federal Election Committee

Description of the testing for Federal Elections software:

Workroom Productions


RBSC Corporation  


Paper on Software Testing Standards

The following paper on testing standards in general has been published by a member of the working party.

Download as a zipped file in .rtf format (readable by Word):  Zipped Paper for EuroSTAR 2000 by Stuart Reid


A reasonable set of guidelines, no special automotive features discernible in the software testing.


NIST 500-234

Guidelines that specialise in V&V.  Ostensibly for healthcare, but actually generic.  Unusually contains special topics on testing reused software and knowledge-based systems.


Nagender Rao Telkar

Several papers on testing standards. Testing Standards.doc


General Standards


ISO Online






Cetus Links



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